Milind Bhanji

Milind Bhanji, a professional creative painting and landscape artist. He studied Dip. in Art Education from J. J. School of Art, Mumbai and G. D. Art (Painting) from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune with 1st class. He was inspired by Rembrandt and started experimenting with realistic compositions and landscapes. Milind used human figures and nature in his paintings.

Why I drew this?

“His Paintings and Landscapes is an emotional and aesthetic experience of the subject for audience. From his paintings give experience of beauty and throughs to audience”

Who inspired you?

20 + Yrs. Milind has showcased his works in exhibitions and group shows in India and International platform. Milind has successfully conducted his shows and has been appreciated for his artwork. A professional artist since the very beginning, Milind has been awarded with numerous awards and accolades, including that State Art Award Maharashtra and many.


Dimension: 1836 x 2566 – £50.00

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