Hira Ashraf

I am an amateur artist. I had interest in drawing when I was in my school. Actually I enjoyed my drawing period at that time. But the school was over and everything was left behind. But during lockdown, a few months back I started to draw again. Then for more knowledge I used to watch a lot of videos regarding sktches, tools. Then I choose to draw using grid method. And here I am.

Why I drew this?

So firstly I m a beginner, and i drew this portrait because i love to draw sketches, portraits. I randomly pic the picture and started drawing it. And somehow I manage to draw this much good.

Who inspired you?

Earlier I used to draw handfree method. But my friends, they said I should make an account and upload my sketches over there. And as the time passes by i have learnt a lot, how to use charcoal, how to make hairs etc.


Dimension: 2560 x 1920 – Free

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