Ndebele to nature art

The Ndebele art the traditional art of Ndebele people inspired by nature and new innovations. The type of ornamentation and crafts made by them even Colours too are inspired by nature like limestone, clay and leaf etc. The geometrically drawn on the walls of house with five key colours red, green yellow, blue and pink. The tradition and art keeps going on from generation to generation.

Why I drew this?

Searching for my new theme for my design process I found this tradition chic art of africa which was inspired by natural and innovative things and were drawn in geometric and abstract way giving some message from nature to us.

Who inspired you?

The things inspired me was the abstractly drawn the natural things and the ornamentation the include in their art. The paintings that were inspired from nature and the bright key colours.


Dimension: 631 x 885 – £200.00

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