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Hi we are SmartArt  – an online market place for you to share and sell all your digital artwork and magical creations – whether its tablet PC art, or mobile phone art we want it! And we want you to share it with the world!

SmartArt is an online platform where you can upload your creations in any format and share them with the world and even sell them to each other for a profit.

Our aim is to inspire the next generation of artists and bring art work into the digital era! We want art to come alive and inspire millions of people!  Give it a go all you need is a free drawing App which there are many on the App stores (take a look at some of the ones we have reviewed!) and then sign up for free and showcase your artwork to the rest of the world! If you want to sell it - It's free too - all you need is a PayPal Account! 

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On Smart Art we have 2 types of members!



Sign up for free
See all artwork and buy and download any too
You can download any marked as free
to download and buy any
at the price the seller has marked for their artwork!

This is only a buying account!



Sign up for free as well
But this time you can upload your artwork
and sell it at any price you seem fit
or for free. And you can sell as many of your
creations at any price as you want no cap!
All you need is a PayPal Account.

This is a buying and selling account!
Have fun!

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