About Us

Hi we are SmartArt – an online market place for you to share and sell all your digital artwork and magical creations – whether its tablet PC art, or mobile phone art we want it! And we want you to share it with the world!

SmartArt is an online platform where you can upload your creations in any format and share them with the world and even sell them to each other. If you are just starting with this new art waveform then go ahead just get drawing see what you can create! All you need is a Tablet PC or your mobile phone and a drawing App.

SmartArt has a list of reviews of some of the great ones available on the App stores even the free ones and how to use them – so why not try one out and see what you can create! Please share your artwork on our platform and let’s inspire people! If you’re a professional like an animator, sketch artist or interior designer then why not showcase your art and sell it as well as link your work to your business and who you are – and why you draw! What inspires you?

We are really interested in seeing what you can create starting in the UK and eventually aiming to encompass the whole world Smart Art wants to showcase the best talent across the world – so let’s get drawing! And bring out a digital revolution in Art.

We are always open to suggestions from you and fellow artists that have great ideas on how to improve our platform so please don’t hesitate to contact us on our contact page here !

Happy Drawing!

The SmartArt Team

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