Frequently Asked Questions

A : You can upload your artwork in a range of formats including jpeg, gif, psd, svg, png, bmp, tiff and eps.

A : You can sell any of your images for any price you seem fit as long as it is above 0p we let you decide the value of your artwork and we have no cap on how many you sell or at what price you sell them – you can combine your artwork into albums to and sell the collection as an album at the price you seem fit – we want to inspire art across the world.

A : Here at SmarArt we aim to keep the rights of the artwork to the artist – in our terms and conditions which you agree to when registering on the site each member agrees not to resale any bought or downloaded artwork. It is strictly for personal use not business. In addition, if a user wishes to use someone else’s artwork for a different use our terms and conditions state they must first obtain written permission from the artist in question in order to proceed. SmartArt is not liable for any breakage of any written terms that have been agreed on between the users outside the website.

A : Yes, and yes, we thoroughly encourage to share yours and others artwork on the social media so we can start inspiring the world about this new art wave form and get more and more people drawing. This is easy to do on people’s image details page there is a simple social share that allows you to share the image instantly – give it a go and see who you can inspire.

A : Your profile has a private settings page and yes you do have a public profile too – but it only shows what you are interested and some of the questions like - Why I love drawing? Etc – your contact details can me made private too in particular your phone number. We want to encourage users to fill out their profile so other artists can learn what inspires you to draw and for you to be able to learn and get inspiration from others.

A : The leader board is based on views the more views your artwork gets the higher up the leader board you will go and people can see a showcase of your artwork on the leader board page. Soon SmartArt will be giving prizes to the top 3 artists every month.

A : The Udemy courses such as our first course ‘Digital Art for Beginners’ are only available for paid accounts i.e. users actually selling their artwork at a price. Once logged in you will be able to go the course page and obtain the Udemy credentials for the SmartArt Account and with which you can log into Udemy and start watching the course. Here at SmartArt we are going to push for more and more digital artistic courses to be on the account so stay tuned. They will off course be advertised on the Courses page. If you have a digital art work course that you would like to watch and you are a paid member why not message the SmartArt team through the contact page informing us the title of the course and we see if we can get it onboard our Udemy Account for you and others to share!

A : You can download your images paid or free from the paid products tab under your user account on the main menu. Here you will be able to filter from free to paid to all. And select the ones you want and simply download them for your own use. Have fun!

A : Your Wishlist is simply a list of all the artwork you would wish to buy and have in your collection – feel free to add to this and some may even turn into purchases if you really like these drawings.

A : You can contact the SmartArt Team anytime via the contact page on the site Here. Or by simply emailing contact@SmartArtUk.com or even by telephone at 0844 357 9308.

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