Moleskine smart pen - the future of sketching!


Sep 07,2019


Up until now, digital art has always struggled with one issue. How can you recreate the tactile sensations of pen on paper? Whether through graphic user interfaces or scanning technology, it has always been difficult, if not impossible, to provide the same level of immediacy between artist and canvas.

With Moleskine’s latest smart pen, it is now possible to provide a real-time simulation of your pen movements, recreated digitally. So whether you’re sketching or storyboarding, you can achieve amazing results without having to sacrifice the traditional techniques of penmanship. 


So how does it work?

This innovative pen is able to capture your movements using a tiny camera inserted by the nib. It is then able to record exactly the movements and pressure of your hand, with adjustable pressure sensitivity allowing you to create your own customised user experience. 

Your creations will then sync up to your design software as you write, meaning you can watch your art come to life on your screen while you’re drawing. There’s truly never been a better time to be an artist!

One small caveat is that you will need to use one of Moleskine’s Paper Tablets or Smart Planners that are included in the company’s Smart Writing System. You can’t use any old bit of paper. But rest assured, the final results are incredible, and truly worth the extra bit of cash!



What does it look like?

Despite its truly modern technology, this pen still retains the sophisticated character of previous Moleskine models, including the Classic Pen. Its rounded edges are in keeping with the rest of the company’s range, and the addition of a clip on the end of the pen lid ensures you can attach it to the rest of your Smart Writing range in a tidy bundle. 

The smart pen also includes a USB cable for recharging, an ink refill, and a Volant XS Starter Journal. You can download the free Moleskine Notes app from the App Store, Google Play, or Windows Store. 



How much will this cost me? 

The Pen + Ellipse will cost US $179 from the Moleskine online store, and the entire smart writing set will cost a little over US $200


Are other models on the market?

Smart pens are a developing technology, and it is well worth researching the market thoroughly before you make a decision. While some offer better bang for your buck, others provide some real comfort and quality that professional artists will appreciate paying more for. We think Moleskine’s effort is a fantastic all-rounder that will really improve any digital artists arsenal. 

So if you have a bit of pocket money saved up, consider Moleskine’s Smart Writing System a valuable purchase. 




By Richard Oxley 




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