Snapchat release new AR digital art Project in LA!


Apr 30,2021


Exciting news in the world of social media. Snapchat have launched an innovative new digital art project, in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), which will see five augmented reality ‘monuments’ displayed around LA, intended to highlight the topics of ‘history and representation for communities’ across the region. 

The launch video, which can be seen below, demonstrates how the Snap camera will work. By enabling viewers to see thought-provoking artworks that come to life on their phone screen, the team hopes to open their projects up to a whole new demographic.

Commenting online, the team behind the project said:

"Designed to be experienced at locations around the city through the Snapchat Camera, you can find them at sites including LACMA, MacArthur Park, Earvin “Magic” Johnson Park, and Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Those in the area can discover the virtual monuments easily by looking for their markers on the Snap Map." 

The projects include: ;


    Mercedes Dorame’s immersive Portal to Tovaanger, which explores past, present, and future worlds for Indigenous presence in contemporary Tovaangar (Los Angeles), built with Sutu, a Snap Lens Creator. 


    I.R. Bach’s Think Big animations designed to inspire self-reflection, built with James Hurlbut, a Snap Lens Creator. 


    Glenn Kaino’s path of generational stories of connectedness along the 1932 L.A. Olympic marathon route, built with Snap Lens Creator Michael French, called No Finish Line. 


    Ruben Ochoa’s homage to the shared history of street vendors in L.A., built with Sallia Goldstein, a Snap Lens Creator, called ¡Vendedores, Presente!.  


    Ada Pinkston’s memorial series paying tribute to Biddy Mason, built with Snap Lens Creators Charles Hamblen and Sutu, called The Open Hand is Blessed.


The new project is the latest in Snapchat's ongoing exploration of AR as an artistic medium, and a unique form of presentation for modern artworks.

While augmented reality has been utilised with increased frequency in recent years, it was arguably Snapchat’s forward-thinking early adoption of the technology which allowed many to realise its artistic potential.

Back in 2017, Snapchat launched its first major AR art installation project, with artists like Jeff Koons placing digital sculptures in various locations for Snap users to inspect.

Snapchat has also worked with British painter Damien Hirst on a charity-inspired AR art project, while it also launched its first 'City Painter' collaborative AR art project in Carnaby Street in London late last year.


By Richard Oxley.



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