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Apr 03,2021


For many artists, creating post-stamp-sized artworks presents more challenges than opportunities. But for the many creators who are turning to Instagram to showcase their work, getting it right can prove a real springboard for success. 

With social media scrolling becoming something of an obsession for many smartphone-owners, a massive opportunity awaits those artists whose work proves popular for such a huge digital market. In this blog we’ve identified some of our favourite artists who have mastered the art of exhibiting on Instagram. 


Justin Main / Photified


Justin Main is adept at making us think twice about the world around us, with each piece working to expose and warp the fabric of human existence. Justin’s hyperreal textures and ‘under the surface’ renders of familiar situations are engaging on a physical, as well as an aesthetic level.



Renato Prkic / 8thdamon


If dreamy escapism is your thing, then look no further than Rentato Prkic’s stunningly immersive landscapes. Infusing real life photography with fairytale elements, his bright, saturated imagery provides an idealised snapshot of the world around us. 



Justin Peters / Jstnptrs


Imagine a sea turtle with a Coliseum-shaped shell. If it’s difficult to picture, then don’t worry. We found it difficult too. Until, that is, we saw Justin Peter’s bizarre work that applies an element of surrealism to an otherwise innocuous image of sea life. Such a piece is indicative of Peters’ oeuvre, and flicking through his work is like taking a deep dive into a wacky subconscious. 



Eashan Misra / Mr. Kalopsia


The work of Eashan Misra can accurately be described as astronomical tourism, taking our natural love of travel into outer space. Replace sitting on beaches and picturesque sunsets with men and women sharing a sentimental moment in space suits, and you have the theme of this highly engaging Instagram profile. 



Marco Zagara


Carrying on the Sci-Fi theme, Marco Zagara’s work depicts what future societies might look like, with some beautiful, immersive scenes using a lavish colour palette. From cosmic eggs to Sonic the Hedgehog rampaging through downtown New York, this is a must-see profile for gamers and tech enthusiasts. 



By Richard Oxley 



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