Top 3 Youtube Channels all Digital Artists Should Follow!


Feb 21,2021


For those just starting out in the digital art world, it helps to keep inspired and motivated. And there’s no better way to keep those flames burning that by following one of many passionate Youtubers, dedicated to providing hints, tips, and techniques to their loyal followers. In this spirit, we’ve identified three of our favourite Youtuber digital artists, whose steady stream of fun and creative content will allow all artists to get ahead in their field. 


While his hugely impressive cartoon creations gain the admiration of many, his ability to enthusiastically talk through his creative process marks Josiah Brooks, or Jazza for short, as a top Youtube to watch out for. His ‘Draw with Jazza’ video series earns huge amounts of likes and comments from thankful followers. His strong focus on animation styles earns him an excellent niche within the Youtuber community, and he provides a daily vlog to inspire his appreciative audience. 



Sarah Tepes

With her hugely distinctive brushstroke style, and the warmth and humanity to her portraiture, Sarah Tepes has earned a massive audience for her art. Still just a student, but she’s one of many young artists creating a whole artistic community around her creations, and her ability to talk through the creative process in a clear, familiar way. 

With over 400,000 subscribers to her Youtube channel, she posts regular videos revealing tips, tool overviews, and personal stories about her own artistic journey. Alongside instructional art lessons, there’s also some great time-lapse, speed painting and process videos in the mix, all combined with an easy conversational tone which will inspire up and coming artists the world over. 



Bobby Chiu

For those artists looking to immerse themselves in the world of professional concept art and animation, look no further than Bobby Chiu, whose breathtaking creative works have won him numerous awards. He provides tips and guidance on the creative process, as well as videos that show him in action creating a dazzling array of fantastical creatures. 

Not only is he a Youtuber, but he also teaches digital painting online at Schoolism.com, has published art books, and can be found on Instagram and Twitter. You can see some of his amazing work on his Artstation page



By Richard Oxley 



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