Jacqui Lawson’s Christmas eCards are the perfect animated gift this year!


Dec 23,2020


Many of us will be familiar with eCards. They provide all the benefits of normal cards but can be sent digitally at any time - a blessing for any last-minute gift hunters. They can also be animated, as well as customised, with some allowing you to impose your own face, as well as your friends and family, into the animation. If you haven’t already experienced the joys of ‘elf yourself’, then now is your chance.  

But amid all the splashes of colour and dancing elves, there’s one digital artist whose Christmas eCards are keeping things traditional. Jacqui Lawson’s online collection features delightful rural cottages, nativity scenes, and carol performances, all rendered in soothing colour palettes. The magic of Christmas is beautifully rendered in these cards, which provide clever user interaction within its dazzling animations.  

Her Christmas Village card, for instance, portrays a quaint English village scene, with children tobogganing down snow-covered slopes, and shops full to the rafters with toys and handicrafts. Alongside the ‘deck the halls’ soundtrack, this animation provides a real sense of festive magic, and makes for a delightful gift. 

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Lawson says her animation talents always came second fiddle to her skills with a paintbrush. Having trained as an illustrator at London's St. Martin's School of Art, she turned her attention to digital art, and has since set up a hugely successful business that rivals the big corporate players in the eCard industry. 

And it’s not difficult to see why her cards are so appealing for customers. 

"I have always deleted all e-cards before opening them," says subscriber Maury Rogoff, who runs her own New York public-relations firm. But this year she has sent seven dozen of Ms. Lawson's cards to clients and friends. "It's not a goofy site. There are no Care Bears and bows and gnomes and little sickeningly sweet things," Ms. Rogoff says.

Lewis aspires to bring the magic of Christmas to an online market saturated with expensive gimmicks. 

“The Internet is such a fantastic medium, and yet it can be used for such rubbish,” she said.  “You know what it's like when you're lost on a website and all these little things come belting out at you and you can't go any further. I just thought, why not bring something in a nice vein with proper art to the Internet."

To view her collection, and to view her subscription offers, visit her website here: https://www.jacquielawson.com/membership.asp.




By Richard Oxley 




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