8-million-pixel digital art wall brightens up London office space!


Nov 08,2020


There’s no denying the power of digital art to create stunningly immersive cultural experiences. Whether in purpose-built museums or office spaces, the potential of technology to create vivid and meaningful connections with audiences is huge. But all good art requires a good canvas. And if you’re working with pixels, displaying such large scale artwork requires big screens, and deep pockets.  

One asset management firm has decided to go the extra mile towards providing an immersive cultural experience for its staff and clients, by installing a massive 10.88m x 4.68m digital art wall in its reception. Brookfield Asset Management have commissioned Dynamo LED Displays to install the gigantic screen in its London HQ based at the refurbished Citypoint skyscraper. 

Customised digital artwork for this screen has been curated by creative studio Acrylicize, who have made their name telling compelling stories and showcasing brand identities in the corporate sector. 

An image of the screen shared online demonstrates the sheer scale of the installation, with the reception desk being dwarfed by a digitally rendered still life. While you might expect a high-powered investment firm to splash corporate promos over the screen, they’ve opted instead for this serene pastel image, that conveys a homely snapshot of warm domesticity. The result shines a light on the forward thinking nature of the company, their focus on providing an enriching workplace experience, and their commitment towards innovation. 

To go into the technological specifics of the screen, which might leave you longing for a TV upgrade, is to delve into the possible future of visual technology. The ‘digital wall’ consists of a total of 221 modular LED cabinets each measuring 640mm x 360mm (the 16:9 golden ratio). The installation also features Dynamo LED’s new customised IC chip which enables high refresh rates (up to 3840hz on this project’s configuration) as well as excellent colour reproduction and high levels of greyscale. The overall resolution of 4352 pixels by 1872 pixels required a NovaStar MCTRL4k LED processor set to a custom output.

The result is a hugely impressive canvas for some beautifully curated art. And if the Covid-19 pandemic has proved something of a catalyst for ‘experience-driven’ office and commercial environments, then this is a bold move for a company that seeks to enrich the lives of its staff and clients through art. 

Could such large scale installations become a hallmark of future office spaces? We’ll have to wait to find out. 

Read more about this incredible screen here: https://dynamo-led-displays.co.uk/led-video-wall-citypoint/.



By Richard Oxley 



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