New York’s Digital Art Month brings AR to public spaces!


Oct 11,2020


Right now, in New York, over 70 digital artworks are being exhibited throughout the city. But there’s something a bit different about this year’s collection. Because rather than presenting as physical structures, these exhibits exist in an Augmented Reality, accessible exclusively through QR codes. Those with a smartphone and a spirit of curiosity can now view a range of colourful and creative pieces all around the city, from Houston to Madison Avenue. 

This ground-breaking event brings together some of the most cutting edge artists to provide a unique experience for city dwellers. In a time where enclosed gallery spaces provide a range of issues for exhibitors, this year’s festival of art takes place outdoors. This provides a great way for people to get their art fix, without needing to jump through the necessary social distancing hoops for the event to take place. 

Originally launched by the New Art Academy in 2017 the month-long event now belongs to its associated art fair CADAF, who have been providing some stunning snapshots online showing what visitors can expect.

One incredible exhibit sure to catch the eye is Pranjal aka Ajeeb’s ‘Reality, 2020’. While many would be forgiven for feeling they’ve had a bit too heavy a dose of reality this year, Ajeeb’s piece utilises code & generative algorithms to create a dynamic, additive piece representing our ‘monumental yet minute paradoxical space in the universe.’ The work harnesses the technological potential of smartphones to create a unique digital exhibit.




On the more psychedelic end of the spectrum, artist 404.zero has come up with an infinite light show that is revealed through Instagram, and creates a multi-sensory experience for the viewer. Imagine being trapped in a Windows 99 screensaver, then add hallucinatory audio and a spectacular light show, and you have some idea of what the artist is trying to create. The result is the creation of ‘mesmerizing digital matter of frighteningly porous frontiers’. 





“There are a lot of artists who we’re showing that discovered this medium that’s kind of like the language of the generation,” CADAF director Andrea Steuer told Observer Magazine in an interview. “Everyone uses these filters, so [artists] started introducing their art into these filters,” Steuer explained, and from those experiments a new art movement has evolved.

“It’s really democratizing; everyone can participate in this art show,” Elena Zavelev, the founder and CEO of CADAF and New Art Academy, added. Zavelev also explained that Digital Art Month is partnering with brands like Sephora and the Pierre Hotel. “It’s a great thing for the city for certain neighbourhoods where the commerce isn’t moving.


By Richard Oxley



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