Top 4 most creative face mask designs!


Aug 29,2020


Before Covid, face masks were the preserve of dentists and construction workers. Now, due to the dictates of social distancing, everyone has one. Whether single-use or reusable, they now rank alongside your keys and wallets as ‘items you mustn't forget. 

But there’s one big issue. No, not the fact your glasses steam up when you’re shopping. Well not just that anyway. It is the fact that most of them look drab, aesthetically sterile and - for all their functional value - conceal rather than reveal the aspects of your character you want to convey. 

But fashion is slowly but surely catching up to this accidental seasonal trend. And, thanks to a few early innovators, art is helping to craft some colourful and unique face masks that help your personality shine. So here are our favourite face mask designs, in no particular order: (Click the link to go the desingers website).



While these lookalike designs may look vaguely sinister, and wearers will need to be prepared for constant double-takes on the street, these masks are perfect for presenting your real self out in public. Simply send in a photo of your face, and the lower half will be sent back to you in digitally rendered mask form. Or alternatively, if you’re some kind of psychopath, you can wear someone else’s face on your face. The choice is up to you.



Isabelle Gougenheim Designs

If you love street art, or just want something a bit more raucous than the usual medical grade green offerings, then this exciting collection of masks will help you stand out from the crowd. The masks are super soft on the inside, with 3 Ply Quilted fabric, while visually spiky and confrontational on the outside. Expect to see many of these at the first few socially distanced rock concerts. 



Laura Ullrich art

A rather more tasteful offering, this collection is suggestive of English gardens and afternoon tea parties. Using a neutral and subdued colour palette, these masks provide a touch of tasteful beauty to the unusual and unnatural experience of mask wearing. Texturally, these masks feature lavish floral patterns, and are a beautiful, comfortable choice. 



Redbubble classical art collection

This is a great way to express your love for classical art. Featuring many of the great masterpieces, these masks will prove a real (muffled) conversation starter. From Monet to Jackson Pollock, here is a huge collection of gorgeously rendered artworks in mask form. Full of bright, vivid colour, this will be a great way to reflect a bit of colour and beauty, at a time when those qualities are badly needed.




By Richard Oxley 



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