Turn Your TV Into a Digital Art Canvas With This App!


Aug 23,2020


As digital art lovers, we love finding creative ways to bring our favourite artwork into our homes. But while most of us may lack the disposable income for a Monet or Van Gogh original, there are other more economical ways to display such masterpieces around the domestic sphere. 

A fantastic recent discovery for us is the Enplug app, which allows you to feature your favourite works on your TV whenever you’re not using it. Rather than having a blank screen, Enplug makes it possible to display a rotating collection of images to liven up your space. Unlike consumer-grade “smart frames” that require purchase of a separate display, Enplug Art lets people display art on their existing smart TVs without any up-front or recurring costs.

While the concept isn’t totally new (Samsung’s Frame TV series and Google Photos offer similar functionality), digital signage company Enplug’s new app boasts a fantastic range of features that make it stand out from other players in the market. 

These include:

1) The ability to make a curated playlist of your favorite art pieces

2) Controls to set how long artwork is displayed on screen

3) The choice of a frame colour to enhance the artwork

4) Access to a huge catalogue of work, including galleries such as LACMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Getty, and also private work.


In addition to all this, Enplug also allows social media obsessives to display a rolling feed of updates, just in case your smartphone wasn’t enough!

So how does it work?

Once your TV is connected to Enplug’s server, it will display a rotating collection of images from the app’s large, cloud-based library, although you’ll need a device that supports the app in order to use it. Enplug says it works with Amazon Fire TV devices, Nvidia Shield and Apple TV devices, plus select 2019 and 2020 smart TVs. If you’re a mac user, you can use Enplug on supported TVs via AirPlay. Note that you will need a desktop or laptop to perform the initial setup and edit your image gallery.

We’ve loved displaying our favourite digital art in the living room, and it’s a beautiful way to impart a bit of beauty to your interior without needing any extra kit. Oh, and the best bit? It’s completely free!





By Richard Oxley 



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