Corel Painter 2021 arrives with a host of upgrades!


Jun 30,2020


Hot on the heels of a new Adobe Creative Cloud upgrade, Corel has released its Painter 2021. Arriving with plenty of new features and improvements to get excited about, this latest iteration of Corel’s digital art and painting studio is perfect for artists wanting to take their work to the next level. 

The Canadian software company continues to provide a suite of hugely popular design tools, including vector graphics editor CorelDraw and Paintshop Pro. Now, digital painters and illustrators have a new level of functionality to improve their workflow and produce ever more spectacular results.  

According to its press release, “digital artists can access an AI-based style transfer workflow that offers the customization, control, and realism professionals demand. Plus, with an all-new Thick Paint-compatible brush category, a variety of Clone Tinting options, and impressive GPU-based performance optimizations, Painter® 2021 gives artists more ways to maximize their creativity and productivity.”

Here is a roundup of some of the most exciting features announced. 


Performance Optimizations

Corel have now introduced a more intuitive brush accelerator, which analyses and applies painter settings based on your specific hardware and graphics card. This means better performance based upon your current setup. Painter 2021 now also offers “twice as many GPU-accelerated stamp brushes, up to four times faster drip and liquid brush technologies, and quicker brush and tool switching.”



Clone Tinting

Clone tinting is a new feature which allows users to dynamically select colours without needing to open up colour swatches. Essentially, this means you can now choose a colour based on your source image. This tool also works with multi-point cloning allowing you to create entirely new compositions from existing artwork.



Enhanced layer Control

Another excellent workflow hack is the ability to paint on any layer type while hiding the canvas directly from the New Image dialog. Now you can also easily identify which brushes are compatible with various layer types including Liquid Ink, Thick Paint, and Watercolor with new visual indicators for each Brush.



Improved Mac Support

Mac users can now harness the power of Sidecar on macOS Catalina to mirror their screen on an iPad and paint using the Apple Pencil with new tilt support. On MacBook Pro and iPad, increase efficiency with new support for the context-sensitive Touch Bar and multi-touch Trackpad on MacBook Pro.



Corel Painter 2021 can be bought as a full package for Mac and Windows at £359.99. If you want a subscription model, the 365-day Subscription is priced at £159.00, billed annually for £13.25 monthly. Find out more details here: https://www.painterartist.com/en/product/painter/.


By Richard Oxley



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