Adobe introduce new design tools in latest CC update!


Jun 22,2020


In the past few decades, AI has made huge leaps in eliminating some of the more tedious aspects of digital design. It is now becoming easier and easier to achieve high quality professional results without needing to put in the manual graft. Take cutting objects out of their background, for example. In the last few years, Adobe’s Sensei AI tool has simplified this task to take the stress and difficulty out of editing out elaborate hairstyles. And with this latest round of updates, it has just become even easier.

Ever the titans in the realm of design AI, Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud updates promise to help designers cut some corners without compromising the quality of their work. So here’s a roundup of what they’ve released:



Introducing… portrait power. 

Adobe’s new subject select tool suggests a whole new level of intuition when it comes to cutting out your subject. No matter how avant garde your subject’s hairstyle, it seems Adobe’s new tool can lift out any person or object from its background with ease, as the gif below demonstrates:



Another new benefit to Photoshop users is the Adobe Fonts Auto-Activation, which takes the hassle out of loading up fonts. Now, all your fonts are automatically activated when you open up a Photoshop document, as each font downloads instantly in the background.



One new feature which will excite Illustrator users is the addition of live drawing previews, which maximises your computer’s GPU to provide live rendering. Historically, any changes to objects would be rendered only as outlines, with only a simplistic depiction of how that object would end up looking. Now, as the GIF below demonstrates, you can get an instant picture of what that change is going to look like.




The most impressive feature to hit Indesign is the inclusion of a client reviews process, where feedback and annotations can be made in the document itself, without having to leave the app. 

Previously you would need to export a PDF, then attach it to an email for feedback. Now, once your team has added their feedback, it goes back into the app, through the new review panel. This lets you review, reply to, and resolve feedback, all within InDesign itself.

Once your stakeholders open a link — one either public, password protected or a link for specific users with Adobe IDs — they can review and provide feedback online, no software downloads needed.

Find out more about all the latest features from Adobe’s Creative Cloud here: https://www.adobe.com/uk/creativecloud/features.html.



By Richard Oxley 



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