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Jun 06,2020


Whether honing a skill, or making tentative steps towards learning one, the Covid-19 lockdown has seen many taking their hobbies to the next level. With plenty of free time to spare, creative-minded people around the world have been creating and sharing their work online with increased frequency. Digital art is flourishing. 

At SmartArt, we’re hugely supportive of this trend, and are keen as ever to encourage beginners, just as much as the experts, to create art. With this in mind, we’ve found a few online courses that we really recommend for someone starting out in this exciting landscape. 



One of the best things about Matt Kohr’s Ctrl+Paint platform is its well-structured, comprehensive structure. In its ‘crawl before you walk’ methodology, the format of its video tutorials are designed just like that of a school curriculum. Each clip involves clear narration, crisp imagery, and leaves you with enough creative freedom to achieve your own artistic goals while you learn.

If you’d like to try before you buy, hundreds of tutorials are available through the free library. So this is the perfect way to establish if these tutorials work for you, and what areas of digital art you’d like to pursue. Further videos are then available at $10 a pop, which is an absolute steal considering the quality of the lessons. (Click the titles to go to each site and check them out!) 





Another platform that comes highly recommended is Paintable. Brimming with great online tutorials and masterclasses, this features a huge archive of material for any digital artist. 

The online Paintable courses cover absolutely everything about digital art. If you want to get into animation, concept art, webcomics, then this is the perfect website for you. 

Even if you’re pretty accomplished in terms of artistic expertise, you’ll still see so much material for inspiration, that it’s impossible not to get anything out of a subscription.

The entire course library is incredibly well organized and the videos are split into sections covering every single topic you could imagine. This includes detailed portrait painting techniques as well as the fundamental basics of digital painting like tablet setup and equipment overviews.




Digital Painting Studio

If you want more of an industry-focused education, then consider Digital Painting the best online resource for professional concept art training. These lessons, while perhaps not going into as much detail about the basics, will definitely teach you one thing - how to become a professional entertainment artist.

Whether you want a career doing character design, environments for video games, or general entertainment art for movies or animation, this library has everything you need.

It does have a slant towards concept art so if that’s your dream career, definitely check out their membership. They offer a monthly subscription which gives you access to the entire library.

And it’s a big library with courses pushing 3-4+ hours, tons of step-by-step demos, and a range of topics. 



By Richard Oxley 



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