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May 16,2020


In the past decade, mindfulness meditation has become an internationally recognised method of coping with stress and anxiety. The idea of simply sitting and focusing on one activity, simple as it sounds, is proving hugely beneficial for people wishing to relax amid the noise of everyday life. 

As Covid-19 lockdowns continue to be in place across large parts of the world, people have been increasingly turning to meditation apps and soundtracks. Last month, Spotify reported an uptick in consumption of podcasts related to wellness and meditation, while ‘going for a walk’, in many places limited to once per day, has become something of a sacrosanct ritual.

At Smart Art, we recognise the need for people to take a breather, to find a place where thoughts can have free rein to express themselves. Digital art exists for many as just that place, and a browse through websites such as Deviant Art will be rewarded with the products of that self-discovery. 

But for beginners, and people who struggle to satisfyingly execute a concept from scratch, how can you enjoy that process without the artistic expertise to do so? The answer? By using an app that does the heavy artistic lifting for you. Step forward, Pigment and Dot to Dot - two excellent tools to allow people to express themselves artistically, within satisfyingly outlined parameters. 



Remember those ‘painting by numbers’ games you used to play as a child? Well this is a digitally rendered version of that concept, for adults. Colouring is a great activity that involves delicacy and focus, and is therefore a perfect way to enjoy mindfulness. This app makes that possible, and without making a mess!

It's got a really simple interface that easily lets you choose what kind of patterns you want to "paint". But the best thing is you have complete control over the colouring process, as Pigment allows you to adjust the colour, size and style of your painting materials using your finger. Or, if you're lucky, your Apple Pencil (or any other stylus). It's also not just a regular paintbrush you can use, but Pigment also allows you to choose between a bucket of paint, pencil or airbrush.

Check it out here: https://www.pixiteapps.com/pigment/



Dot to Dot

There’s something so satisfying about taking part in a creative process and watching the big picture appear before your eyes. Dot to Dot is another great digital adaptation of a childhood classic. For those who struggle to draw lines with precision, this is a fantastic way to create some beautiful art to share with friends, and the process of creation is very soothing too. 

Users can enjoy drawing pictures of animals, sports, famous art, places and many more, then have the opportunity to fill them in with colour. Whether you’re using a stylus or just your finger, this is a hugely satisfying app, and recommended for those craving the joy of creating art without needing to do the hard bit. You can find the app in the Apple store here: 






By Richard Oxley 



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