‘Home’ is the new must-visit virtual gallery for digital art enthusiasts


May 09,2020


For culture lovers, one major consolation of this coronavirus lockdown is the widespread digitalising of art exhibitions. Worldwide social distancing restrictions have proved the catalyst for a process that has been in the works for decades. 

We’ve already spoken in this blog about the initiative of Google’s Art & Culture Tours platform, providing virtual access to the likes of Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Uffizi from the comfort of your own smartphone or tablet. But we’d now like to draw your attention to a new player in the virtual gallery game, and it feels just as modern as the technology that makes it possible.

‘Home’, the brainchild of Martina Martian, brings in some major players in the digital art world to showcase their work in a unique setting. The likes of Marylou Faure, Hazel Mead, Robin Eisenberg, Grace Miceli, Adam J. Kurtz, Laura Brouwers, Pink Bits, Shuturp, Samantha Rothenberg, and Holly St. Clair can all be browsed in a colourful virtual world where you can interact with other users. In contrast to navigating the austere corridors of the more traditional art galleries, this environment is awash with sound and light, featuring a soundtrack by London DJ Yemisul.




Keen gamers would be forgiven for thinking this some kind of MMORPG (massively multiplayer online game), with self selected avatars roaming around and interacting in a shared space. But rather than acquiring and trading runes, the goal here is perusing some of the best new works of digital art. Each artwork can be browsed by moving your avatar up to it, or simply by toggling the on-screen menu. The result is an engagingly displayed art collection in a culturally appropriate setting, encouraging mutual art appreciation and dialogue. In a word, a vivid insight into what the future independent art scene could look like. 

Martina says "This is the start of seeing more virtual art exhibitions from artists around the world. Attending events by artists from our own communities is an important experience that we shouldn't have to miss out on due to quarantine."

"Being stuck at home doesn't mean that creativity is cancelled".

‘Home’ offers unrivalled accessibility to visitors, allowing access in desktop, mobile and even VR headsets. Roaming around this virtual art space is a real delight, and it’s highly worth spending a few minutes of your day navigating this unique space and meeting some fellow digital art lovers on your way.

The gallery can be viewed using the link below. 






By Richard Oxley 



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