Digital art project delivers a digital round of applause for healthcare workers!


Apr 26,2020


All around the world, people have been standing out on their balconies or leaning out of windows showing their appreciation for healthcare workers on the frontline battling Covid-19. In a new project started by Buda.TV animation studio and motion designer Gabriel Murgue, this tradition has spread to the world of digital art. 

Named Stay Home Stay Positive, the project is a crowdsourced, collaborative effort designed to get motion graphics enthusiasts and professionals contributing to a curated collection of short videos. 

Contributions include those submitted by Cabeza Patata and Mathieu LB, with the below graphic utilising a template provided by Buda and Motion to create a fun, colourful GIF. 



Keeping to a set template, each successful contributor will eventually see their work featured on their fantastically eye catching  Instagram profile, which features a highly engaging stream of dynamic, multicultural, and often humorous designs. Expect to see an abundance of clapping variations and rhythms, along with a menagerie of household pets getting in on the action. 

The designs themselves range from abstract isometric efforts such as that shared above, to more organic illustrations with subtle colour palettes. 

In the latter category, we think this contribution from @grammstudio a stand out entry, delightfully capturing the spirit of the project, all the while entrancing us with its visions of happy domestic life. Oh, and don’t forget the cockatoo!



“With nearly half the world under quarantine right now, fear and anxiety keep building amongst ourselves. Luckily, we know that we only need to stay home in order to stay safe, even when it means being away from our friends, colleagues and loved ones” reads a statement on the creator’s presentation deck

Describing the submission process, they write “Each artist will be given a balcony template. They can design it as they please, with the furniture they want and in the style they want. It can be hand- drawn, 3D, Stop Motion, live action or even woven. The only thing that matters is to stick to the template.”

The proliferation of socially engaged art projects such as this is a great testament to the power of digital art to stay relevant, topical, and present humanity in its best light. From Adobe’s Honor Heroes campaign to this one, we can see digital artists coming together at a time of great difficulty, to celebrate what we have in common. And seeing the messages of hope around the world designed in a fun, interactive way, is a fantastic representation of all that’s best about digital art. 



By Richard Oxley 






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