This digital picture frame makes artworks come to life!


Mar 18,2020


Ever dreamed of having the Mona Lisa on your living room wall? Or what about Van Gogh’s starry night in your bedroom? The good news for art lovers is that with the introduction of Canvia, a slick piece of technology built by Silicon Valley based Palacio Inc, that is (virtually) possible. Thanks to Canvia’s proprietary Artsense Technology, this digital canvas blends seamlessly into its environment, recreating the smooth textures and surfaces of a real art canvas. 

In their brilliant promo video posted online, the team ask passers-by whether they thought the canvas was a real painting, and the results are pretty incredible. The high fidelity artwork is so lifelike that people struggle to tell the difference between the original and its digital reproduction. 



Using Canvia’s app, users can select from a huge range of international artworks, ranging from old classics to modernist works. Indeed the only giveaway that this is a highly advanced reproduction is the swipe effect as users move from one artwork to another. Users can essentially ‘become their own curators’, choosing a new piece with every changing mood. 



But what makes the canvas so great is its breathtakingly realistic depiction of real life paintings, using its Artsense technology. The canvas uses image processing and built-in sensors which adapt curated art to your room’s ambient visual conditions and décor. Essentially, it means that just as is the case with, for instance, a real oil painting on canvas, it will subtly alter its appearance to reflect surrounding light sources. That should make it superior to many digital displays when it comes to showcasing the color, texture, and brushstrokes of a particular artwork.

“All artworks that we see — or for that matter any physical objects — are defined by the amount and types of light they reflect,” Thomas Stimson, vice president of Marketing and Communications for manufacturer Palacio, wrote online. “We, therefore, spent a long time analyzing the behavior of physical art under a wide range of visual conditions, such as natural light, artificial light, low light, and others. [Our ArtSense technology] combines the ‘reflection profiles’ based on these findings with real-time sensor data to adapt digital images of artwork and ensure they behave as though authentic physical paintings or prints.”



For digital art lovers everywhere, this is a hugely impressive step towards achieving the dream of having famous artwork appear in our own living space. Rather than having to go to packed out art galleries and museums, you can now study a masterpiece from the comfort of your own living room. 



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By Richard Oxley 




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