New York’s hottest digital art venue channels Pantone!


Feb 09,2020


Following last year’s opening of Manhattan-based Artechouse, the New York art scene has rapidly embraced this spectacularly immersive venue alongside its more traditional art spaces. The innovative gallery now welcomes an installation celebrating this year’s colour of the year. Pantone’s unveiling of ‘classic blue’ or PANTONE 19-4052, as their colour of choice was perhaps a shock to some from a political standpoint. But gallery goers attending ‘Submerge’ will undoubtedly see the primal appeal of this hue. 

One of the main draws of a venue such as Artechouse is undoubtedly its immersiveness - the chance to escape from the humdrum textures of the outside world and bathe yourself in colour. Situated as it is in Chelsea Market just a stone’s throw from Google HQ, this is an opportunity to put your phone aside and lose yourself in a synaesthetic experience expertly curated around a central theme. In this case - the colour blue, often described as the ‘warmest colour’, here represented in all its subversive glory. 

New York boasts an impressive pantheon of art venues. From the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art to the Guggenheim Museum, a huge range of artistic styles can be found in this vibrant city. The noble aims of Artechouse, founded by arts advocates Sandro Kereselidze and Tatiana Pastukhova, is to bring the technological potential of digital art to the masses. And with this new exhibition, we think the venue is set to attract art lovers of all generations, establishing the space as one of the hottest cultural sites in New York. 

The exhibit itself begins with interactive elements, including screens that follow the motions of visitors, before descending to a lower level on which the walls and the floor are lit up with different expressions of "classic blue" by projectors. It's the exploration of a colour through sight, sound and taste through projections with accompanying beats to accompany the visual movements, which at one point even feature a massive image of the globe that evolves into a sparkling sphere.

"As we approached [the installation] the element of storytelling was really important to us. As artists, color is an important touch point, an important element," creator Pastukhova explained to USA TODAY. "Musicians use notes to evoke emotions. For artists, colour can arouse strong emotions."

“The opportunity to focus on just one colour and take visitors through a journey of immersion in that color was an enticing one”, she said.

"It’s exciting to challenge ourselves in using this digital format to really create something unique for people to experience that is related to the color," Kereselidze added.

Digital art lovers - get those tickets booked now!





Adults (15-64): $24
Students, Seniors (65+) & Military ID holders: $20
Children (2-14): $17

Date: Up through February 23rd, 2020

Location: Chelsea Market – 439 West 15th Street⁠


By Richard Oxley 



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