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Berklee Graduate, Piano Principal, Music Synthesis (1989) University of Alabama, Masters Degree, Music Composition (1993) The power that art and music has to connect us with memories can be absolutely magical and intoxicating. It pours itself into each person’s unique mold, and resonates differently to match what we need. I love that. It’s always been a place of safe refuge for me, and it’s comforting to know that it can be for others... I’ve been a student of piano since age 7. Started composing at 11. Won some AMTA state (AL) competitions for composition and performance at 14 & 15 (respectively), but after high school (1985) pursued a degree in electrical engineering at Auburn University my first two years of college (at the urging a of my loving parents, so I wouldn’t become a starving artist), until the pull of music wouldn’t let me continue down that path. So, I got degrees from Berklee (1989) and Univ of Ala (1993) in Music Synthesis and Composition (respectively), but wasn’t allowed to teach without a DMA. Pulled together what I thought was the best of my work and produced Water Circle the year after graduate school (1994). I spent three years promoting it nationally, but couldn’t get distribution. Gave up on music in order to earn a living. Founded a kite/flag store, Forever Flying (1997-2013), but the pull of music has finally overcome my ability to resist it (again) last year. It’s good to be back! The beauty, mystery and power of nature has always been my primary musical inspiration. Every composition has a visual image or story (real or imaginary) that plays in my mind to accompany the music. It all started 40 years ago (captured in my "Nature Suite for Piano" album, which was composed through my high school years, 1981-1985. It has been said, that “Art imitates Life.” We certainly know, thru experience, that music is an expression of life. But it can be so much more. My favorite quote, from C.G. Jung, is his attempt to define Art, “Art is a bridge thrown out toward and unseen shore...” which I interpret to have spiritual, mystical properties—a yearning, reaching toward connecting with something greater than ourselves.

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Who’s my inspiration?

Debbie Bzdyl

Why I love drawing?

Connecting with the beauty, mystery and power of creation

What inspires me to draw?

The thrill of discovering the unknown

What are types of arts I love?

Fantasy Art,Mystical Art,fractal art,abstract art

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